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March 31, 2001
Prime Minister Chrétien had to withstand attacks upon his alleged arrogance, his government's methods in distributing federal funds to certain regions, and his representation of a building firm located in his riding in its efforts to gain a bank loan. Added to that were dubious events in 2001 involving cabinet ministers Hedy Fry, Don Boudria, Brian Tobin, and Sheila Copps, which added to the impression of rampant arrogance and pomposity in the Chretien cabinet.

The Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, told the Commons he would look into allegations that his secretary of state for multiculturalism had called the RCMP in British Columbia seeking information to back her claim of Ku Klux Klan cross burnings in Prince George.

Chretien, in response to Nova Scotia New Democrat Peter Stoffer, initially said he saw nothing wrong with Fry checking for something on the public record, then demurred, saying it was the first time he heard of the charge and would "check that."

At another point, as Fry looked imploringly at her boss for help during Question Period, Chretien had his back turned on her, speaking to his House leader Don Boudria. Source.
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