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April 26, 2001
OTTAWA (CP) - He may have been greeted by a disinfectant mat at the airport but there was nothing antiseptic about the welcome the Prince of Wales received Wednesday from throngs of Canadian fans. At least 2,000 noisy well-wishers lined the walkabout route Prince Charles took in downtown Ottawa leading to the National War Memorial as he began a five-day royal visit to Canada.

Clasping outstretched hands and smiling broadly, the prince had collected flowers, a box of Girl Guide cookies, a brown teddy bear and a pair of hand-knit grey socks from an adoring public before he even reached his first official event of the tour.

''It is marvellous to be back again,'' the 52-year-old prince later told a reception at the Museum of Civilization across the Ottawa River in Hull, Que.

''I look forward to several days here with all of you. I've had such a wonderfully warm welcome already. It's made me feel better after a seven-hour flight, I can assure you.'' Source.

Prince Charles in Canada