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Thursday August 16, 2001
Imagine spending hours in a classroom in the sweltering temperatures of our recent heat wave.

Educators and parents say lack of air-conditioning in many schools is a major barrier to expanding year-round schooling in Ontario.

The province's task force on effective schools recommends year-round schools in areas that want them. Task force co-chair Dave Cooke admits the idea isn't for everyone, but says it deserves more consideration.

Premier Mike Harris says the government wants more time to study recommendations in the task force report, including suggestions for year-round schooling and smaller primary classes.

Ontario currently has eight year-round schools, including a high school in London and elementary schools in Brooklin and Gravenhurst. Supporters of the concept say students retain knowledge better if they have several short breaks rather than one long one. Source.
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An End to Year-Round Schooling?