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Wednesday November 21, 2001
An abandoned compound in the heart of Kabul used by Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network appears to have been a makeshift laboratory used to study chemical and other unconventional arms, including nuclear weapons, officials say.

The materials found at the compound - including foul-smelling liquids in dirty brown jars and scattered papers covered in chemical formulas - were left behind as the Taliban beat a hasty retreat earlier this week.

The United States has said that bin Laden's network was attempting to develop nuclear and chemical weapons. On Thursday, U.S. Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge confirmed that some documents containing material about how to make a nuclear device were found in an al-Qaida building in Kabul.

However, Ridge said the information from the house was "taken off the Internet some years ago" and could've been widely available to people other than the al-Qaida terrorists.

Still, the discovery of the documents is consistent with statements by bin Laden that he would like to have a nuclear capacity, Ridge said. Source.
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