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Wednesday December 5, 2001
America’s most famous inventor, revealed his latest gadget yesterday: a motorised, low-energy scooter.

The Segway Human Transporter, which was the subject of much speculation in the media in January, when it was known by the codename Ginger, can travel at up to 12mph and is said to be almost impossible to topple.

It has been billed as “doing for the car what the car did for the horse and cart”. Mr Kamen claimed that it would fill a niche for those who need something faster than walking but slower than driving: “Nothing has happened at the level of the pedestrian to improve transportation since we invented the sneaker,” he said.

The Segway has no brakes and its speed and direction are dictated by the rider’s shifting weight and a touch on the handlebars. It weighs 65lb and, when it goes into production next year, is expected to sell for $3,000 (US).

Mr Kamen has made millions from his inventions, which include a miniature motor capable of delivering exactly measured quantities of drugs such as insulin to the body, a portable dialysis machine and IBOT, a wheelchair that which climbs stairs.

He is the darling of technology moguls like Steve Jobs, of Apple Computers, and Jeff Bezos, of Amazon, who were given a private demonstration of the Segway some months ago. Source.

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