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Red-light cameras: What's not to like?
Here's a bit of free advice for those who complain about red-light cameras, decrying them as yet another cash grab and an invasion of privacy. Our advice is this: Try not driving through any red lights; you don't run any red lights, you don't cross horns with any red-light cameras. What could be more simple?

Of course the cameras are an invasion of privacy. They invade the privacy of anyone who breaks the law and endangers lives by refusing to stop when he/she should. We're big believers in privacy rights, but just can't lose any sleep about those who negligently threaten our right to move from place to place in relative safety.

And yes, red-light cameras certainly seem to make money, though not enough to cover the cost of the pilot project now operating in Hamilton. But even if it does cost more than expected, the project is worthwhile, because eventually -- if the pilot becomes permanent public policy, as it should -- red-light cameras will cause negligent and reckless drivers to stop or decrease their behaviour. In other words, the end justifies the means.

And what if the revenue generated some day exceeds the cost? That wouldn't be a bad thing, either. We can think of worse prospects than using money from reckless drivers to invest in community projects, such as infrastructure and recreation. Source.

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January 26, 2002