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Chretien to stay put for another year
In the face of growing speculation over his retirement, Jean Chretien said yesterday he plans to remain Prime Minister for at least another year and will put his leadership to the test at a party convention next February.

When he was asked after a cabinet meeting yesterday whether he would face the scheduled leadership review, Mr. Chretien said: "Of course."

Asked whether that was for sure, he replied: "Yes. I said earlier that I will be the Prime Minister in April, 2003. So to be the Prime Minister in 2003, you have to conclude I will be the leader in February."

Under the terms of the Liberal Party constitution, party members are given the opportunity to vote after every election about whether they approve of the leader's performance. If he receives approval at the review next February, Mr. Chretien would be able to use that as a mandate for running for a fourth term in office. Liberal sources say Mr. Chretien is seriously considering running again, though he is a long way from making a final decision. Source.

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Thursday April 18, 2002