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Redevelopment: Details, please
We would be the last ones to criticize or argue against potential development of Hamilton's harbourfront. The fact that there is so much buzz over numerous proposed projects for the west harbour is wonderful news, especially when you consider that, a relatively short time ago, a people-oriented waterfront was a pipe dream.

The Spectator has argued before that we need to continue the laudable efforts already made to reclaim the harbour, to optimize it as a recreational resource as well as an engine of the local economy. All this said, we can't help but feel a twinge of skeptical unease about the huge project unveiled by Heritage Minister Sheila Copps over the weekend. Copps outlined a proposal that would see Pier 8 transformed into the home of a 60,000-seat sports stadium and an amphitheatre, facilities that would house concerts and other events, like pro wrestling.

Our reluctance here isn't based on what we know, but what we don't know. Redevelopment that includes a sports facility of some sort has long been favoured by some, and discouraged by others. It's our view that the harbourfront may indeed be a good location for the right kind and size of sports facility, but whether this is it is another question.

What do we know? Very little, other than what Copps revealed, and that she considers this important enough that the city should forge ahead in all possible haste. Fortunately, Mayor Bob Wade and Fred Eisenberger, chair of the harbour authority, don't seem inclined to rush. Source.

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June 6, 2002