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Nothing to do with pollution; Global warming
Federal Environment Minister David Anderson persists not only in confusing pollution and climate change but, even worse, in equating them.

The disastrous fallacy of the Kyoto religion is that pollution caused by humans also causes global warming. Little could be farther from reality.

Anderson should update his understanding of documented scientific facts regarding climate and stop repeating the outdated rhetoric of the Kyoto Protocol that, if we fix pollution, we will also fix global warming. Those who believe that are sadly mistaken.

* Human contribution of carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere is a small portion of the total, 2.5 to 5 per cent at most.

* More than 95 per cent of the CO2 in the air derives from photosynthesis and respiration of plant life and from the oceans.

* CO2 is not a polluting, greenhouse gas; it is consumed by plants that generate the oxygen we need to survive.

* CO2 does not control climate; water vapour does, and it is approximately 30 times more prevalent in the atmosphere than is CO2. Source.

August 16, 2002