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Reviewing Saudi-American Relations
A Saudi newspaper close to the government has called for a review of the kingdom's long-standing and close relationship with the United States.

A front-page editorial in Al-Riyadh newspaper says there is a need to revise Saudi Arabia's international strategic relations.

The article comes only a day after relatives of victims of the 11 September attacks launched a big lawsuit against people they accuse of helping finance the al-Qaeda network, including members of the Saudi royal family.

Although the paper does not refer to this, it does mention a recent Pentagon briefing during which oil-rich Saudi Arabia was accused of being a supporter of terrorism and an enemy of the US.

The Pentagon subsequently tried to distance itself from the briefing given to one of its advisory groups, and Saudi Arabia dismissed reports of tension in its relations with the US.

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal played down the incident, blaming elements within the Bush administration who "unfortunately" sought to shake the traditional strong ties between the two countries. Source.

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Saturday August 17, 2002