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The Demoted Minister of Tourism
An unapologetic Cam Jackson said he did nothing wrong when he charged steak dinners and swanky hotel stays to the taxpayer.

The Burlington MPP and former tourism minister fired back at the premier yesterday in his first public statement since his resignation. Jackson said he followed government guidelines and was upfront with the premier's office about all his expenses.

Jackson and his staff billed taxpayers almost $104,000 in upscale hotel stays, in-house movies and boozy steak dinners over 28 months. At one meal, the tip alone was $120.

"It's not the first time a cabinet minister has been benched by his coach," Jackson said yesterday, going into his first caucus meeting since his resignation early this month.

"I sit at the cabinet at the pleasure of the premier but I served here at Queen's Park for the last 17 years because of my constituents. I'm here to continue my role as MPP for Burlington."

Jackson repeatedly refused to say whether he will run in the next election. Source.

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Wednesday October 17, 2002