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Thursday February 20, 2003
Singer Sheryl Crowe's wears a "War Is Not the Answer" T-shirt.

Actor Sean Penn has made a trip to Baghdad to discover for himself how Iraqis deal with their day-to-day lives after 12 years of UN sanctions on the country.

Fellow actress Anjelica Houston says: "I speak out as a proud American. I praise the struggle to maintain the openness and just spirit that has been the mark of a democratic America. I speak out with the loud voice that my conscience demands of me."

They are just three Hollywood personalities who are taking a very public stand against war.

But this - as far as some are concerned - is just spittle flying in the public eye.

And they are being slammed as anti-American -- even "Taliban".

Martin Sheen, who plays the US President in the Emmy-award winning series "The West Wing," is the chief spokesman of the anti-war coalition. Source.

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