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Some people just naturally like to party. Other people just naturally like to work. If there was any doubt about which camp Jean Chretien falls into, consider the way he will spend today, the 40th anniversary of his first election to Parliament.

The prime minister plans to chair a cabinet meeting in the morning, as he does every Tuesday when the House of Commons is in session, and attend question period in the afternoon. In the evening he'll really pull out all the stops.

He is scheduled to fly to London, Ont., for dinner and a speech to the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, which is honouring his government's financial support for scholarly research and industrial innovation.

"He's very proud of the time he has spent in Parliament, that he has been able to serve his constituency and his country," said spokesman Jim Munson.

But aside from brief tributes by fellow MPs in the House on Tuesday, and a private gathering of family and friends in his hometown of Shawinigan, Que., the following weekend, nothing special is planned to mark the passing of four decades in public life. Source.

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Tuesday April 8, 2003