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Friday July 4, 2003
BAGHDAD, Iraq The U.S.-led Iraqi authority put a $25 million bounty Thursday on deposed leader Saddam Hussein as continuing anti-American resistance left one American dead and at least 29 wounded in five separate attacks.

In the latest attacks, insurgents fired mortars at a U.S. base north of Baghdad, wounding at least 19 American soldiers and an American soldier was killed when his convoy was attacked in the capital, the U.S. military said today.

Paul Bremer, the top U.S. administrator in Iraq, announced the reward for information leading to Saddam's capture or proof that he is dead. He also said $15 million apiece would be given for similar information on Saddam's sons, Udai and Qusai.

"They may or may not be alive," Bremer said. "Until we know for sure, their names will continue to cast a shadow of fear over this country."

The reward for Saddam matches one outstanding for Osama bin Laden. Source.

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A Bounty on Saddam's Head