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Air Canada officials will ease delays
Air Canada called in executives and other non-unionized staff yesterday to help customer service agents at major airports manage the peak holiday crush.

Along with office and executive staff pitching in at major airports in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, the airline -- beset by complaints about travel delays -- is bringing in some part-time workers to cover peak morning and afternoon check-in periods.

Some of the part-time positions had been converted from full-time positions under the insolvent airline's restructuring plans.

Emotions were on edge at Toronto's Pearson International Airport over the weekend as staff were unable to keep up with the flow of passengers at the country's largest airport.

The Canadian Auto Workers, representing customer service agents, said the company should have held off on scheduled layoffs until after the peak summer travel period was over.

The airline has been forced to make massive job cuts as part of its bankruptcy court-monitored restructuring process. It's also asking travellers to show up at airports 30 minutes sooner than the usual recommended check-in times to help ensure they get their flight. Source.

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August 13, 2003