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The deamalgamation quandary
We've been hearing a tiresome one-note tune since well before the new city of Hamilton was created. The singers of that song have pumped up the volume for the provincial election campaign.

It's too bad the deamalgamation blues are getting louder because all that does is cast a pall of uncertainty over a city that, barely three years after its birth, is striving for stability and growth.

And it doesn't help that Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty is joining the deamalgamation choir, albeit with a very quiet voice indeed.

McGuinty has left the door open, ever so slightly, to pulling apart the amalgamated municipalities in Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa and, maybe, London. He acknowledges that in the case of Toronto at least, it's a dumb idea. But he says he's willing to listen if a consensus develops on a different way of governing. Source.

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Monday September 6, 2003