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Wednesday September 10, 2003
Washington's planned U.N. resolution on Iraq is "some way" from meeting France's priority of "transferring authority to an Iraqi government," Chirac said.

Both men, speaking at a joint news conference in the eastern German city of Dresden, discussed the U.S. draft for a new U.N. resolution aimed at getting more countries to contribute troops and money to stabilize and rebuild the country.

But the draft insists the U.S. keep control of the military and political process.

France and Germany had been opposed to the war in Iraq but both countries are now willing to help bring stability to the country.

The two leaders said they would study the U.S. proposal "from a very positive point of view." But Chirac said France may recommend changes to a proposed U.N. resolution.

"It does appear to be really rather far from the main objective, which is that of transferring political responsibility to an Iraqi government as soon as possible," Chirac said. Source.

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