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Thursday January 8, 2004
Auto parts magnate Frank Stronach thinks it would be a great idea if his daughter Belinda ran for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

"I said: 'Look Belinda, you're a privileged lady. I think it's the greatest honour if you could serve your country,'." Mr. Stronach, who founded the auto parts company that his daughter now heads, said yesterday.

If she throws her hat into the ring, as she is expected to do later this week or perhaps early next week, Belinda Stronach will be following in the political and business footsteps of her father, who was a Liberal candidate in a Toronto-area riding in the 1988 federal election.

But she's different, Mr. Stronach said in a telephone interview yesterday from Baltimore.

"I maybe was a bit more aggressive. I shot a little more out of the hip. She is very thoughtful."

Supporters of former Ontario health minister Tony Clement held conference calls to discuss his candidacy for leadership of the party Source.

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