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The Hamilton Spectator
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Wednesday January 7, 2004
The City of Hamilton and the Six Nations Confederacy Council say five mounds in the Red Hill Valley are not native burial sites.

Expressway opponents said earlier this month that five hillocks on the valley floor could be grave sites -- something that would have threatened highway construction.

But an archeological report released yesterday rejected that possibility, saying instead that the mounds are probably construction debris.

Four are likely the result of sewer construction in the 1960s, and a fifth is what is left of an eroding bank in the creek, the report said.

"There were allegations, we took them seriously, we checked them out and we're satisfied," said Paul Williams, negotiator for the hereditary chiefs of the Iroquois Confederacy at Six Nations.

But native activists who made the allegations public are not convinced. Source.

Native Burial Plots? No, They're Just Piles of Debris