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February 28, 2004
(Article from Oct. 2004) Will the real Dalton stand up, please? This guy acts like a puppet on a string. Every time someone in the back room yanks the chain, he dances. You never know where he's coming from and his cabinet ministers have footprints on their heads from the number of times he's walked all over them.

The guy basically came to power on false pretenses. We found out last week that the civil service pegged the price tag on his 231 promises at a whopping $18 billion. No wonder these guys needed a "health" tax. Now if they can get an education tax and a new highways tax, they could probably afford all their promises.

Yet you get the sense that McGuinty is trying to style himself as a statesman, especially after the bounce he got in the polls after he was credited with brokering the recent federal-provincial health deal. Meanwhile, there's an inescapable smell of fear about the Grits. They're running scared of new PC leader John Tory and you sense they're going to do whatever they can to give their guy a weightier image.

Greg Sorbara is the real power behind the throne, let's face it. But he's off to a rocky start. First, there was that nasty brouhaha about his private business dealings and being in a possible conflict of interest, although he's been given a clean bill of ethical health from the Integrity Commissioner.

Then his first budget, with his health tax howler, was a major setback for the government. Despite that furor, he didn't get out and sell it as he should have. Source.

Sorbara The Puppet Master