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The First Anniversary of the War in Iraq
President George W. Bush, stung by revived world criticism of the Iraq war on the eve of its first anniversary Thursday, defended the United States as a "compassionate, decent" country that's made history by liberating millions. "The world is better off and the American people are more secure," Bush told thousands of chanting soldiers in the army's 101st Airborne at Fort Campbell, Ky., who have lost more colleagues in Iraq than any other U.S. unit.

"In one year's time, Saddam Hussein has gone from a palace to a bunker to a spider hole to jail."

Gone were claims of old, however, that the deposed dictator posed an immediate danger to the United States.

Instead, Bush portrayed Iraq as an "aggressive threat to the security of the Middle East" and world peace.

"America must confront threats before they fully materialize," said Bush, who is hoping for re-election in November despite allegations he exaggerated intelligence about Saddam's weapons capabilities." Source.

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Friday March 19, 2004