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Paul Martin and Bush talk missile defence
The Liberal government flatly denied reports Thursday that it has already agreed to sign on to an aerospace early warning system for North America.

If Canada signs on to the early warning system, it would pave the way for almost certain participation in the U.S. missile defence shield. Washington is reportedly pushing Canada to agree to the plan, which is a major plank in U.S. President George W. Bush's re-election platform. Sources told The Globe and Mail Wednesday that Prime Minister Paul Martin's government has agreed that Canada would sign on to the warning system.

He is in Washington to visit Mr. Bush this week.

But during Question Period Thursday, a number of Liberal cabinet ministers rejected those reports.

"Let me be as clear as I possibly can on this issue. Canada has not signed on to Canadian participation in the ballistic missile defence system," Defence Minister David Pratt said.

However, he said that Canada is engaged in discussions with the United States on the issue. Source.

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Friday April 30, 2004