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Liberals Bring out the Attack Ads
The Liberal Party co-chair says his party is "in a spiral" and they're hoping to stop plummeting support by launching a new series of attack ads against the Conservatives.

"We are in a spiral right now that we have to arrest," David Herle reportedly told Liberal MPs and candidates during a conference call Wednesday.

"People are drifting to the Conservatives in an aimless fashion ... no one is paying attention," he said.

The ads are aimed at female voters and began airing Wednesday night. One ad features a woman's voice saying Conservative Leader Stephen Harper would have sent troops to Iraq, wants to limit a woman's right to choose, would align with the Bloc, and wants to increase military spending.

It ends with a quote from Harper about how Canadians won't recognize his Canada. "And he's right," says the Liberal tag line, as an image of a Canadian flag blurs.

The Liberal attack ads are the latest strategy to bulk up their support, which has been declining steadily. Source.

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Sunday June 13, 2004