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Snidermans sue city over Tivoli demolition
The owners of the Tivoli Theatre have launched legal action against the City of Hamilton over the costs of the city-ordered partial demolition of the crumbling James Street North playhouse.

The Sniderman family, including Sam Sniderman of Sam The Record Man fame, claims city hall is sticking them with an unfair demolition bill after a partial roof collapse last month forced the city to take down part of the theatre complex.

"We're trying to say, 'hey, this is not fair, the city went overboard when it could have been a lot less money,'" said family spokesperson Lana Sniderman yesterday.

"The price for demolishing the buildings would have been far less than the price that they have given us now for just bringing a quarter of the building down."

The final bill from the city is expected to be about $700,000.

"We could have pulled the building down for half of that," Sniderman said from Phoenix, Ariz., where she is honeymooning.

But Ward 7 Councillor Bill Kelly said this would never have happened if the Snidermans had spent money on the building in the first place.Source.

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July 31, 2004