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Thursday September 9, 2004
(David Frum column) So much has been said and well said about the horrible terrorist atrocity in Ossetia, Russia. No parent - no human being - can view those tiny shrouds without rage and terrible overwhelming grief. My mind flinches from even imagining what the families of the dead must be feeling now. It cannot be much comfort to them that the world suffers with them.

The United States and the Bush administration must stand with the Russian people against terror. But the administration should take care not to draw too close to Vladimir Putin personally. He has been anything but an ally himself to the United States over the past two years Ė and he has been leading Russia in some very dangerous directions. We are still waiting for his security services to produce answers in the murder of Paul Klebnikov, the American reporter killed for asking too many questions about Russiaís ruling elite. Maybe Putinís regime is unimplicated in such crimes, but it would be nice to feel more certainty about that before giving him his bear-hug. Source.

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Russia's George W. Bush