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The Ontario Tories Pick a New Leader
Former premier Bill Davis has officially endorsed former aide John Tory for Conservative leader.

Speaking to the party faithful at a breakfast meeting in his hometown of Brampton, Davis said yesterday Tory is the right choice to succeed Ernie Eves in the Sept. 18 vote.

"I have worked closely with John Tory and I know that he has what it takes to lead our party and govern our province," he said of his one-time principal secretary.

Davis, premier from 1971 until 1985, said Tory, 50, is a better candidate than MPPs Jim Flaherty, 54, who represents Whitby-Ajax, and Frank Klees, 53, who represents Oak Ridges.

"He is the only candidate who can build on the proud history of our party by getting Ontario back on track," said the 75-year-old Conservative icon. "John has been a committed member of our party for over 35 years.

Tory said he was "very pleased" to have his political mentor's endorsement. Source.

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Saturday September 18, 2004