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Harper Bridging the Gap
QUEBEC (CP) - The Conservative party will launch a national advertising campaign this week, targeting Canadian ethnic groups with the party's stand against gay marriage.

As Sikh and Roman Catholic leaders weighed in against redefining marriage laws to include homosexual relationships, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said his party needs to send a clear pre-election message against changing the definition of marriage."Frankly, we think a clear majority of Canadians support the compromise I put forward, including a lot of people who vote Liberal and traditionally don't vote for this party," Harper said after a speech to the Quebec City Chamber of Commerce.

"We want to make sure our message gets out to them and make sure our message does not go through a press filter."

Newspaper ads will compare Harper's proposal to preserve the traditional definition of marriage with Prime Minister Paul Martin's plan to "impose same-sex marriage." Source.

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Wednesday January 26, 2005