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Mayor returned $19,450 in campaign funds
Mayor Larry Di Ianni has returned nearly $6,000 more in campaign contributions that contravened the Municipal Elections Act.

That's in addition to the $13,500 in over-contributions Di Ianni had already refunded to dozens of corporate and individual donors, according to financial statements filed by the mayor earlier this week.

Di Ianni's financial filing shows he returned $19,450 to donors.

Asked if he was confident there were no more questionable contributions, Di Ianni said last night, "I hope to God there isn't. I'm told there isn't and, barring any errors, I'm as confident as one can be."

The campaign report, which had to be filed by March 1, also shows the election cost Di Ianni $52,171 out of his own pocket.

Di Ianni is in the midst of a fierce court battle to prevent an independent financial investigation of his campaign finances. Dundas bookseller Joanna Chapman has asked the Ontario Court of Justice to order an examination of Di Ianni's books after council rejected a compliance audit.

Chapman has argued her examination of his campaign turned up dozens of donations that exceeded the $750 limit allowed by law. Source.

Tuesday March 8, 2005