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Jetsgo workers short changed in final paycheque
MONTREAL - Jetsgo employees, who picked up their final cheques Monday, got more surprises.

Workers went to Toronto's Pearson Airport and Jetsgo's Montreal head office, three days after the discount carrier grounded its 29 planes and sought protection from creditors.

The former employees had been told that they had to turn in parking passes, pagers and other company equipment before getting their last cheques.

Jetsgo is offering to pay all back wages up to Thursday at midnight, when the airline ceased operating. It's also offering employees their 2004 and 2005 vacation pay and outstanding per diems, providing company property is handed over.

"There's missing money in my cheque," said Julio Manesis, a former employee based in Montreal. "They told me they're going to send [the rest] by post. I have to wait a week."

"I got three kids to support. I'm a single father, what am I supposed to do?" said one man in Toronto.

A bigger surprise waited at the bank Jetsgo's bank refused to cash many of the cheques.

"They're saying that no one will know anything for the next few days, and that there's no money in the account," said ex-employee Jami McKenna, who tried to cash his cheque. Source.

March 15, 2005