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Air India families angry, want inquiry
Relatives of some of the 329 victims from Air India Flight 182 met with reporters Wednesday to put a human face on the tragedy, hours after two B.C. men were acquitted on charges of murder and conspiracy U.S.

They called for the government to announce a public inquiry into how the investigation into Canada's worst-ever mass murder was handled, saying such an inquiry could prevent future acts of terrorism in this country.

"This was not an aviation accident. This was not an in-flight accident," said Susheel Gupta, an Ottawa lawyer who was 12 when his mother died on board Air India Flight 182 on a June morning in 1985.

More than one relative suggested that the fact that most of the victims were Indo-Canadians led the government to treat the crime less seriously than it should have.

"Had this been a tragedy that affected mainstream white Canadians, this would have been treated very differently," said Lata Pada, who lost her husband and two daughters when Flight 182 blew up off the coast of Ireland. Source.

March 17, 2005