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Tory pledges to keep his word
TORONTO -- Fresh from a landslide byelection win, Conservative Leader John Tory pledged to be a politician who keeps his word Friday and said he'll scrap the Liberal government's health tax if his party is elected in 2007.

Voters have lost faith in politicians because they don't follow through on their election promises, Tory said as he faced the media a day after winning his first seat in the legislature.

That victory, with 56 per cent of the vote, sets the stage for Tory to lead the Opposition in the legislature when it resumes sitting March 29 and kicks off his campaign to try to unseat Premier Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals in the next election.

Tory said constituents told him as he campaigned they were disappointed in politicians and pointed to McGuinty's failure to keep his promise not to raise taxes.

Tory said that he in contrast would be an honest, straightforward, consistent and accessible politician.

''It starts with keeping your word and doing what you said you would do,'' Tory said, adding he'll start by setting a positive example. Source.

March 19, 2005