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Coffee contest leads to trash talk
Coffee giant Tim Hortons' annual contest to "roll up the rim" has some environmentalists thinking of trash.

Although the company's coffee cups are made out of paper, they're not compostable.

A study done in Nova Scotia in 1998 showed that Tim Hortons' disposable coffee cups made up more than 20 per cent of the province's litter.

With so many people playing the "roll up the rim to win" contest, some people worry more cups are ending up in the streets and in landfills.

"Maybe there are creative ways of doing it that doesn't create more waste," said Ron Coleman, executive-director of GPI Atlantic, an organization that measures environmental progress in the region.

Customers like Chris Morash say Tim Hortons should sell compostable cups to deal with the litter problem.

"They should, with the amount of money they are making off of us. I probably spend about $30 a month there," he said.

The company defends itself, saying it works with many groups doing community cleanup and encourages people not to litter. Source.

March 26, 2005