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Next royal wedding faux paus? Place your bet
Punters can now place bets on the next catastrophe to hit the Prince of Wales's wedding.

-- Bookmaker William Hill is offering odds on a host of misfortunes and mishaps which could cause even more chaos for Charles and bride-to-be Camilla Parker Bowles.
-- Following the couple's decision to postpone their ceremony because of the Pope's funeral, the public can gamble at 33-1 on whether a fed-up Camilla will stand Charles up on the day.
-- The odds for the Prince to do the same are 40-1, while at 25-1, the favourite disaster is for Prince William to lose the rings - something which he has already confessed to worrying about.
-- A last-minute ultimatum from the Queen threatening to disinherit her son if the marriage goes ahead is set at 100-1.
-- After the Prince branded BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell "awful" at a skiing photocall last week, the bookie is also taking bets at 500-1 on Witchell interrupting and halting the ceremony.
-- Graham Sharpe, of William Hill, said: "The Royal Wedding seems to be descending into a parody of itself so we thought we'd allow punters to speculate on what may go wrong next."
-- Self-styled comedy terrorist Aaron Barshak, who gatecrashed William's 21st birthday party at Windsor, is given a 50-1 chance of causing another major security breach.
-- Snowstorms or floods are ranked at 100-1, while the likelihood of aliens landing in Windsor on Saturday morning is 10,000-1. Source.

April 6, 2005