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McMaster Salutes Chretien's Leadership
Former prime minister Jean Chretien will receive an honorary degree from McMaster University June 8.

Chretien will collect a doctor of laws degree and address the graduates at the faculty of social sciences morning convocation.

McMaster president Peter George said Chretien is being celebrated for a distinguished career of public service and because under his government, federal funding for university-based research was dramatically enhanced.

"It was in the late 1990s that the Canada Foundation for Innovation was introduced to provide for significant new investment in research infrastructure," George noted.

"That was followed by the Canada Research Chairs program, of which McMaster has 70, which provided significant resources to the universities to recruit and retain outstanding researchers."

In addition, the Chretien Liberals introduced the first payments to help support the indirect costs of research, which universities previously had to bear themselves. Source.

April 11, 2005