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Conservatives Not Keen on Snap Election
OTTAWA - Canada's troubled minority Liberal government sidestepped another possible defeat on Wednesday when the official opposition Conservative Party said it saw no need for an immediate election.

But the Liberals later sent out an e-mail to supporters warning them that an election could be called at any time and asking for donations.

The Conservatives, whose support is necessary to keep the Liberals in power, also served notice that they might not hold off forever, in light of damning testimony against the Liberal Party at an inquiry into possible kickbacks.

"There's nothing to indicate that we should be having an election immediately," Conservative leader Stephen Harper told reporters after a weekly meeting of Conservative legislators.

But he also said: "I haven't made a judgement, and I don't think the public's made a judgement, that an election should be delayed indefinitely."

Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberals were reduced to a minority in last June's election, partly because of anger over alleged kickbacks for government sponsorship contracts, but election fever is again in the air in Ottawa as details emerge from the inquiry. Source.

April 13, 2005