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McGuinty Elevates Bountrogianni
Premier Dalton McGuinty focused on health and education by creating a new ministry for health promotion and another for research and innovation as he shuffled his cabinet Wednesday, but drew criticism for not promoting more women to cabinet and to top posts.

The first cabinet shake-up since the Liberals took office in October 2003 restructured and changed leadership within a few ministries but left the top posts - Education, Health, Finance and Energy - unchanged.

In a surprising move, Marie Bountrogianni moves to Intergovernmental Affairs to take over McGuinty's fight for more money from Ottawa. She will also be responsible for Democratic Renewal.

Bountrogianni has faced the heat over the government's failure to fund autism treatment for all children and over a lack of services for disabled children.

McGuinty dismissed this move as a demotion, arguing that he can't "do justice" to the vital Ottawa file and has handed it over to a minister adept at negotiating with other levels of government. Source.

June 30, 2005