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Ontarians Urged to Conserve Energy
TORONTO -- Ontarians must conserve energy this week or face the possibility of rotating blackouts as the province's electricity system is taxed by heavy demand amid a stifling heat wave, the agency that oversees the electricity system said Monday.

"If problems develop quickly and unexpectedly then we may have to take action without warning,'' said Terry Young, a spokesman for the Independent Electricity System Operator.

"We may have to reduce voltage, we may have to buy some emergency power.''

Hot weather is pushing demand to record levels and pushing generators to work at full tilt, but it is also threatening the capacity of transmission facilities, Young said.

Drought conditions in some areas have left some hydroelectric plants with less water to use, Young explained.

The province imported more than 3,400 megawatts of power Monday to meet demand, which peaked at nearly 25,900 megawatts, below the all-time high. Source.

July 20, 2005