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Friday October 7, 2005
The doyenne of domesticity will get her chance to paddle a giant pumpkin across a Nova Scotia lake after all.

Organizers of the Pumpkin Regatta in Windsor were told Thursday that Martha Stewart had resolved her visa problems and will attend the annual event Sunday after being told earlier that she wouldn't be allowed to enter the country.

The convicted felon was granted a temporary residency permit Thursday, allowing her to cross the border and participate in a country festival despite her criminal record.

"I was just like, 'my goodness, I can't believe this - is she or isn't she coming,' " Maureen Dill, the chief organizer of the event, said from her office in the small rural farming community.

"It's definitely brought Windsor to the limelight."

A spokeswoman for Stewart's public relations firm in New York wasn't available for comment, but it was believed her probation officer and lawyers were ironing out final details for the trip.

Immigration clears way for Martha Stewart to attend N.S. pumpkin festival
National Post
Random Thots
Letters to the Editor:

What were you thinking, allowing that cartoon in the paper.

What is Mackay saying? That every Muslim is a terrorist? That Canada Customs and Immigration knowingly lets terrorist in?

This cartoon says more about Mackay and where he/she is coming from and his biases on immigration. I hope this is last of his/her cartoons that I see in Spectator.

This is blatant discriminatory cartoon, intended to incite hatred toward Muslims and an insult to Canadians.

Publisher and Editor has a duty and responsibility to stop and prevent inciting and spreading that type of discriminatory stereotyping.

The Spectator and Mackay owe its readers and apology.

Mr. V. Zvonar

* * * * * * * * *

I am shocked and appalled at Mr.Mackay's attempt at humour.

I am also shocked and appalled that any editor would have given the ok to this cartoon.

There is nothing amusing about it; and a huge apology should be extended to the Muslim members of our society. Actually an apology wouldn't quite do any way.

Hopefully, you are inundated with letters similar to this, from people who are also appalled.

Ms. B. Vanni