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Invest in education, not tax cuts: Layton
A stronger NDP presence in the House of Commons would mean more money for education, Leader Jack Layton told supporters in Toronto on Wednesday.

Speaking at the University of Toronto, Layton said the Liberal government has been using its budget surpluses the wrong way, by cutting corporate taxes, for example.

"We can't afford that kind of direction. It's the wrong priority right now."

"What we want to see is those investments made in helping students to get an education."

The NDP leader's strategy in the campaign forthe federal election Jan. 23 has been to tout his caucus's accomplishments this year, especially the changes the Liberals agreed to make to the federal budget in exchange for the New Democrats' support.

"I believe that having more New Democrats, maybe a lot more New Democrats, would allow, I think, Canadians to know they've got MPs who are there to get things done, including making sure that the investments in post-secondary education and training happen one way or another." Source.

December 3, 2005