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Beer and Popcorn is a Winner for Conservtive Party
Scott Reid may have handed the Conservative Party a golden egg when he suggested parents would use child-care money promised by Stephen Harper to buy beer and popcorn. But there's a surprising twist to the story.

When Scott Reid first made the comments, he was pounced on by members of the Conservative Party for suggesting Canadians couldn't be responsible with their money. But that has since changed and Stephen Harper is now referring to his Child-Care plan as the B&P plan, or BeeP.

Nightly tracking by CPAC showed a Conservative surge in popularity on the day of Reid's comments. That surge can be attributed directly to Scott Reid, but not because he doesn't believe Canadians can handle their money. A closer look at one question asked in the CPAC-SES tracking poll shows the real reason for the Conservative surge.

The CPAC - SES nightly tracking is based on a three day rolling random telephone sample of 1,200 completed interviews among Canadians 18 years of age and older.

When asked "Which party would you vote for if an election were held today" - more than 900 respondents said they would vote for the party that promised Beer and Popcorn. Source.

December 14, 2005