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Copps working against Liberals
Sheila Copps is working against the Liberal party and political nemesis Tony Valeri in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek.

The former Liberal stalwart, who lost a bitter nomination battle to Valeri last year, is advising the campaign of Conservative candidate Frank Rukavina. And the former deputy prime minister is encouraging supporters to back NDP candidate Wayne Marston in the Jan. 23 election.

"I would like the political process to be a more honest profession," said Copps. "Wayne Marston is a very honest guy. He's decent and honest and would make a good member."

She rejected a description of her comments as an endorsement of Marston, but said she is helping out because she believes it's important for the political process.

"I'm advocating people get involved and get to know the candidates. I'm encouraging people to get involved in the process because democracy is important. One-party rule is not healthy for the country."

Copps's personal campaign could be significant in a riding that Valeri -- government House leader and a close confidant of Prime Minister Paul Martin -- won by only 927 votes in 2004. He edged out NDP candidate Tony DePaulo.

Marston said Copps invited him to a Christmas party at her east end office Dec. 9. At one point, he said, she recommended party-goers "support me, work for me and vote for me." Source.

December 23, 2005