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Friday January 13, 2006
Former Liberal leadership candidate John Manley rolled
into town to boost the campaign of MP Paddy Torsney,
but downplayed linking the visit to a future bid to succeed
Prime Minister Paul Martin.

But a political scientist and a former Liberal party pollster
don't doubt Manley's visit is part of a plan to keep his face
and name before party members in case the Liberals lose the
Jan. 23 election and a leadership race follows.

"I think all parties have perpetual leadership races going
on," said Paul Hamilton, a political science professor at
Brock University. "There's good reason for individuals to
boost their profiles and support the grassroots, Paddy
Torsney, because they are the people that vote for the

With polls indicating the Liberals have fallen behind the
Conservatives in public support, including some predicting
the Tories may form a majority government, some
high-profile Liberals are said to be manoeuvring to replace
Martin if those predictions prove correct.

Chief among the names mentioned have been Manley and
former New Brunswick premier Frank McKenna, now
ambassador to the United States.
Manley won't rule out leadership bid
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