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Tuesday January 17, 2006
This is going to be the longest week of the long federal
campaign, seven days that could still turn dreams into
nightmares and vice versa.

At the very least, the week will determine the strength of
the mandate of the next federal government. When it is over,
the future of at least one and maybe two of the four leaders
stands to be calculated in months rather than years.

Alone of the four parties, the Liberals argue the next week
could still determine the winner of the election. By that
they mean that they still have a chance to be returned to

For lack of factual indicators to validate their hopes, they
base their public confidence on their 2004 comeback. Since
they have fought this election battle as if it was a replay of
the last war, that is only natural.

But it has yet to work out that way. If this is a remake of
the last campaign, then Paul Martin and Stephen Harper
have traded places both in the polls and in the public's
perceptions of their respective abilities.

Since last week, Martin is being spared the daily onslaught
of negative news and numbers, the better to focus on what
has become a life-or-death campaign.
Four leaders head into campaign's longest week
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