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Wednesday January 18, 2006
Whatever media sympathy Martin might have had at the
outset of the campaign has all but evaporated. Even the
Globe and Mail, not long ago a cheerleader for all things
Liberal, declared in a stinging editorial this weekend that it
is time to turf the Grits and give Harper a kick at the can.

Meanwhile, we are hearing that Liberal ministerial staffers
are quietly floating their resumes outside government, while
some of their cabinet bosses have let it be known that if the
party is going down, they would rather lose their seats than
spend their days in opposition purgatory.

Elsewhere inside the Liberal party, the growing scent of
electoral death is also prompting much talk of a pending
leadership race as the powerbrokers and their respective
candidates begin jockeying to replace the hapless Martin.

This past week in Toronto, we saw the odd spectacle of a
fundraising event for Michael Ignatieff, the star Liberal
candidate widely touted as a strong contender for the Grit

Ignatieff, of course, swears the event had nothing to do with
leadership, even though the invitation to the $300-a-pop
cocktail party billed it as an opportunity to "Meet Our
Champion ... a new face of federal liberalism."
Liberals down, not out
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