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Thursday January 19, 2006
The federal Conservatives have asked Canada's ethics
commissioner to investigate land deals that saw Liberal
cabinet minister Tony Valeri more than double his money in
under three months when he bought and flipped his
neighbour's house.

"I've been in Parliament for eight years and I've never seen a
more obvious case demanding an inquiry," said
Conservative MP Jason Kenney, who sent the letter to
Ethics Commissioner Bernard Shapiro. "The fact pattern
here is very peculiar, to say the least." Citing reports in The
Spectator, the letter asks Shapiro to verify claims by Valeri
and Prime Minister Paul Martin that the land deals were
above board and, "completed with your guidance and in
compliance with the provisions of the Conflict of Interest

Kenney says the transactions are "suspicious.'' He wants to
know how a next door lot with a 1950s bungalow could be
considered a recreational property, as Valeri has reported it
on the commission website.

Valeri has said the commission allowed him to call the
property "recreational," a description that means the house
and lot were considered an exempt asset, and need not be
publicly disclosed because it was exclusively for a
politician's personal use.
Tories ask ethics office to investigate Tony Valeri
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