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Tuesday January 24, 2006
Canadians last night elected a minority Conservative
government led by Stephen Harper and Prime Minister Paul
Martin said early today that he would step down as leader
of the Liberal party. After 13 years of Liberal rule,
Canadians elected a government led by Harper that is
promising squeaky-clean ethics, a crackdown on crime and
lower taxes.

In his concession speech at Liberal headquarters in
Montreal, Martin said he would not lead the party into
another election.

He said he would consult with party officials about an
orderly transition.

He added, “I’ve just telephoned Stephen Harper.
And I have offered him my congratulations. The people of
Canada have chosen him to lead a minority government. I
wish him the best.�

Tory Leader Harper scored a victory because of strong,
long-sought gains in Ontario and a Liberal collapse of
historic proportions in Quebec.

But he was denied a majority government, meaning his
administration will be far tamer than the mighty Liberal and
Tory majorities of the last 20 years.
Harper wins, Martin steps down
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