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Thursday February 2, 2006
Brian Tobin has bowed out of the race to replace Paul
Martin, the third high-profile Liberal to take a pass at a job
nobody seems to want anymore.

Tobin joins former deputy prime minister John Manley and
former New Brunswick premier Frank McKenna in refusing
to stage a political comeback. The absence of the three
political heavyweights leaves the contest to replace Martin
wide open to a host of lesser-known candidates.

Another possible scratch from the race is Allan Rock, a
former Chrétien-era minister who is currently Canadaâ
€™s ambassador to the United Nations. While he’s
been encouraged to run by many Liberals, sources close to
Rock said it’s unlikely he’ll take the plunge.

Other possible contenders in the race include former
ministers Martin Cauchon, Stephane Dion, Ken Dryden,
Maurizio Bevilacqua and Joe Volpe, onetime Tory
defectors Scott Brison and Belinda Stronach, former
Ontario premier Bob Rae, and political newcomer Michael
Ignatieff, the acclaimed Harvard academic.

Outgoing Liberal leader and Prime Minister Paul Martin is
expected to clarify the timetable for his departure and Bill
Graham, the former defence minister, is expected to be
chosen as interim leader.
Tobin also out of Liberal contest
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