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Saturday February 4, 2006
Thousands of Muslims took to the streets in Jerusalem and
Gaza Friday demanding vengeance for a controversial cartoon
that has sparked outrage across the Muslim world.

The cartoon caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad were first
published in a Danish newspaper, and were reprinted this
week in several other European countries, sparking anger.

Large rallies were held in the Gaza Strip and Iraq, and raucous
demonstrations were staged outside the Danish embassies in
Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia Friday.

One of the cartoons depicts the Prophet Muhammad wearing
a bomb-shaped turban with a burning fuse. In another, a
Soviet star and crescent moon are superimposed over his face.

Police were prepared for Friday's demonstrations in
Jerusalem, and tussled with angry mobs that spilled out of
mosques after Friday prayers, protesting in the streets near
Islam's third-holiest site.

In Gaza, an angry crowd screamed "God is great," and an
imam told 9,000 worshippers that the hands of those who
drew the cartoons should be severed."
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