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Thursday February 9, 2006
Both "a quick fix'' and "a big fix'' by the provincial
government are needed to head off financial ruin for
Hamilton and -- ultimately -- other Ontario

That's the message Hamilton Mayor Larry Di Ianni is
taking today to provincial Finance Minister Dwight
Duncan. In advance of his meeting and flanked by
community leaders and researchers, the mayor
outlined to a Spectator Editorial Board session
yesterday Hamilton's need for an additional $25
million annually to cover social welfare costs.

A research report entitled Downloaded Dilemma
released this week outlined the ongoing financial
burden and onerous decisions facing Hamilton
because of the provincial downloading in 1997 of
social assistance costs onto municipalities.

The report and yesterday's group pointed out that
Hamilton's plight is unique in Ontario.

Hamilton is also, "the canary in the mine shaft,"
warning of disastrous financial problems for all
municipalities in a major economic recession, said
John Dolbec, chief executive of the Hamilton
Chamber of Commerce.
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