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Friday February 10, 2006
The Danish Olympic Team will be added to a list of
countries that will enjoy increased security during the
Winter Games, the chief of the Danish mission to the
Turin Olympics said on Wednesday.

Jesper Larsen Frigast added that this list
traditionally included "countries like Israel and USA
and so on", but this year "Denmark has been put on
that list."

Denmark has been attacked and threatened by
Muslims angered by the publication of cartoons in a
Danish newspaper that satirised the prophet

But Turin mayor, Sergio Chiamparino, and Turin
Olympic Committee, Valentino Castellani, had
earlier guaranteed that Turin would be the safest
place in Italy during the Games, and that the athletes'
safety would be fully protected by 10-thousand
policemen working in the Olympic venues.

On Tuesday, the Italian Interior Minister, Giuseppe
Pisanu, called a meeting of the security cabinet and
issued an official order to increase security on every
sensitive target related to Denmark.
Security boost for Danish team in Winter Games
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